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Sherpa Consulting supports business owners to achieve time freedom and maximize their revenue through 1:1 coaching and financial analysis.

I help you obtain optimal profitability and double digit practice growth through research validated, peer proven strategies.  Together we will work to enhance your practice culture and develop your leaders, so you can delegate your day-to-day tasks and achieve time freedom.


With open and honest communication amongst your team, a culture of trust and proper financial routines, your business will thrive and reach its peak performance.

Image by Pascal Habermann

The Summit

Reach your practices full potential with my Summit package. With my guidance and coaching, you will climb to the top of your region and transform your practice into a well mapped business!

Base Camp 

Start reaching new heights in your practice with my Base Camp package. This starter offer allows you to transform your culture while beginning to analyze your biggest profit center: your optical!

Image by Gustavo Leighton
Image by Kalen Emsley

A La Carte Services 

Not ready for the whole kit and caboodle? Choose a service from my A La Carte menu and get started with enhancing your practice today!

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